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Camber adjustment is made at the LCA (lower control arm) The bolts that anchor the LCA are in slots. Loosen and you can slide it in and out.

Camber and caster angle adjustments involve changing the position of the lower control arm with the slots in the frame brackets to move the lower control arm inwards or outwards for proper adjustment. This can be achieved by using a long pry bar with a curved tip and inserting the pry bar into the lower control arm frame brackets and prying inwards or outwards.

NOTE: Camber and caster adjustments must be made at the lower control arm. Do not use the upper control arm for Camber and Caster adjustments.

NOTE: When the lower control arm pivot bolts are loosened the lower control arm will normally go outwards automatically with the weight of the vehicle.

Moving the rear position of the lower control arm at the frame in or out, will change the caster angle significantly and camber angle only slightly. To maintain the camber angle while adjusting caster, move the rear of the lower control arm in or out. Then move the front of the lower control arm slightly in the opposite direction.

Move both the front and rear of the lower control arm together in or out. This will change the camber angle significantly and caster angle slightly.

After adjustment is made tighten the lower control arm bolt & nuts to FRONT169 N·m (125 ft. lbs.) and the REAR 88 N·m (65 ft. lbs.).
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