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Hi folks

Still fairly new here and learning by the day .
After realising that the front of the Commander IS low from factory and that the dynamics of the drive are affected by raising, I need a solution to my hard, wobbly ride.

I had bought the Commander and within 2 weeks had a new pair of front springs made up ( i didnt want to invest in a lift kit just yet as i needed to experiment with the height)

I find the ride hard, out of focus and with lots of body roll.
The spring no doubt need to settle as they have barely been in for 2 weeks / 500 km.

From what I gather, the coils are probably incorrectly spaced out/ the material used is wound up too tense?

What is the effect on the shocks if I raised it 40cm with standard shocks (dampers) ?

Im glad I still have the stock dampers to revert to.
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