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Stock Commander Radio Question

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Hey guys I just picked up a 2007 Commander Sport about a week ago. So far I'm loving everything about my Commander excluding the cheap radio someone installed. My question is what do I need to purchase in order to replace the aftermarket radio with a stock Chrysler radio? Also if this after market radio has a AUX does that mean I can purchase the OEM Chrysler radio with the AUX? Thanks!
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I have a 2006 commander and I bought a Kenwood DDX470 and installed it my self, touch screen and the bells and whistles you need. Its a about $300-$400 with all the necessary parts, defiantly worth it.
I've been kicking around a new media center as well. The 2006 just missed all the cool innovations like a touch screen. This looks like it does not have GPS. Do you have any issues using google maps? How does that work? Through the BT connection?

Also, does it fit perfectly?

Also, how does the USB and audio input work? They are both in the rear.
As far as navigation, it is the one step lower of the navigation. If i need to get to a location that i don't know, i would use my IPhone at that point. The bluetooth i mainly use for music on my phone or friends who ride along.

It fits great, I have a gray dash, and the mounting plates are black but i don't really mind, and it not very noticeable.

I ran the the microphone for hands free up the driver side A pillar, you might have to shout at it, but i'm still thinking on moving into a better spot. As far as the input, they are in the back of the unit and i ran them behind my firewall, and got the connections (USB) into my glovebox. The unusual thing is that it needs an extra cable to get the sound to work on iphones, its a double plug in, the headphone jack and the charging port. I don't know the price on that extra part.

Hopefully, that answers your questions, i will put pictures up today.
Thanks for the update. I'm still trying to figure out which to buy. I really wanted the USB to be in the front so I can use that to hook up to my smartphone. But I guess I could cut a small hole in my dash and run the wire there.
Here are pictures of the A Pillar, The headunit (gray dash with black mounting plates), Headunit it self (kind of botched the photo), and the USB port in the dash.
If you need more information message me!
Wow, that looks great. You've encouraged me to do it myself. I'm thinking of the Alpine IVE-W530
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