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Stock Commander Radio Question

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Hey guys I just picked up a 2007 Commander Sport about a week ago. So far I'm loving everything about my Commander excluding the cheap radio someone installed. My question is what do I need to purchase in order to replace the aftermarket radio with a stock Chrysler radio? Also if this after market radio has a AUX does that mean I can purchase the OEM Chrysler radio with the AUX? Thanks!
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I replaced mine with Pioneer 8450. Touch screen and all that. The navigation, I connect my iphone and use an app called iGo. The navigation map on the iPhone appears on the head unit. What is nice is since the navigation system is on my phone, I can use it when I am in another car.

Suggest you go for aftermarket as everyone says. It is much more worthy.
By the way, if u plan to add subs, be sure to read about alternators. I installed some powerful mono amp and subwoofer. 4 months later my alternator got toast ! For now, replaced with an original replacement. Will sure go for aftermarket alternators but will have to fatten piggy bank first.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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