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I figure this is somewhat related to my Jeep since I used it to jump, but the problem vehicle was our 09 Chrysler Aspen.

A few weeks ago, keys were left on in the Aspen causing it to die. I jumped it no problem. Today, it was dead again. Same thing would happen, or so I thought.

Last time, I was able to get a small response when turning the key on from the instrument panel. This time, all I got was the red light from the security bulb (I'm assuming the security systems are the same in these vehicles since they're the same company). Anyone know what that meant?

When I let the battery charge for a good ten minutes, I still only got the red bulb and no crank at all. Tried messing with the locks, using a different key, removing the ignition off draw fuse for a few minutes, and even disconnecting the battery to reset the computer. Still nothing.

Grab my multimeter and check the voltage with it still hooked up to the car (could have caused an inaccurate reading?) Came out to 5V -- woah, dead for sure I thought. Check my Jeep, getting a solid 12.4V.

AAA gets here and the guy tries to jump it with a battery booster and thought to myself yeah right, it's a 5.7 Hemi. No way that thing can crank it. I was right, but this time, the Aspen actually responded with some slight cranks. The driver hooks it up to his truck for a few seconds, tries again. Still getting bad cranks. Waits a few minutes, and then it started right up.

Why was my Jeep not able to jump the Aspen this time? Also, why did the security bulb disappear and it cranked once he tossed the battery booster on there? The only thing I did differently from the AAA driver was I connected the negative on the dead vehicle to the engine block instead of its battery (what you're supposed to do to ground it, but apparently everyone else I know doesn't think so including the AAA driver -- it even says to on the battery). He connected the positives and negatives directly to each other. Was that what caused a difference in his ability to jump the vehicle and my inability to do so? I thought you were supposed to connect the negative (or positive depending on how the vehicle is grounded) to the engine block/frame of the dead vehicle? My battery is even stronger than the one in the Aspen.
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