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A few months ago I had the TPMS light flashes with the message "Check TPMS system", I've ignored it for some time.

Yesterday lowered the tire pressure for different reasons and the check tpms message went away and was replaced with tire pressure low.

My understanding how this system works after hours of searching and sifting through the "make sure your tires are inflated" posts is that if one or more of the sensors fails to communicate with a sensor it will give the check tpms system message. That being said, that message should override the low tire pressure message right?

Today I inflated all four to 35 psi, drove for 20 or so minutes and the low pressure light stayed on. About 30 minutes later I went on an errand and the "Check TPMS system" message appeared at start up instead of the low tire pressure message.

I'm also wondering of it's the WCM causing all this.

Anyone else have this issue and found a resolution?
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