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Chrysler planning 4 new Jeep models by 2014, all new lineup by 2016

By Patrick Rall on Thu, 06/07/2012 - 17:17
Auto News
During a discussion with Automobile Magazine, Sergio Marchionne explained that the Jeep brand will benefit from 4 new models by 2014 with the entire lineup likely being replenished between now and 2016.

We brought you the news earlier this week that the Jeep Grand Cherokee would enter a new generation in 2016 but before the new top of the line Jeep arrives in 2016; the other models currently in the Jeep lineup will be revamped and a pair of new models will be introduced.

The first revamped model will be the midsized Jeep Liberty, which will be built on a modified version of the Compact US Wide platform (CUSW) that currently underpins the 2013 Dodge Dart. The new Liberty is expected to arrive sometime next year with the option of rear- or all-wheel drive and the buyers’ choice of an inline 4 or V6 engine. This is one vehicle that Chrysler has not been subtle about so it comes as no surprise.

Next, for 2014 there could be three new Jeeps with one revamped model in the new Patriot and two new models, including the new Jeepster and the new Grand Wagoneer.

The new Jeep Patriot arriving for 2014 will effectively replace both the current Patriot and the current Jeep Compass as the only compact SUV in the lineup. This new ute will be built in the USA with an inline-4 engine with either front wheel drive or all wheel drive and if we had to guess; we would expect to see a manual and automatic transmission although the automatic could be a new dual clutch unit. There will likely also be an Alfa Romeo model based closely on the next generation Patriot.

Next, the new Jeep Jeepster will be a subcompact crossover utility vehicle built in Italy and sharing a great deal of architecture with the upcoming Fiat 500X Fouristrada. The Jeepster will likely be available with either front wheel drive or all wheel drive while the power is provided by a compact Fiat-sourced 4-cylinder engine.

The last addition for 2014 is the new Jeep Grand Wagoneer – a full size SUV based on the new Grand Cherokee. Since the next generation Grand Cherokee isn’t expected to arrive until 2016, the 2014 (or 2015) Grand Wagoneer could be based on the current platform but we can expect this new model to be larger – with more seating and cargo room. The Grand Wagoneer will be powered by both V6 and V8 engine options, presumably from the Pentastar and Hemi engine families. According to Automobile Magazine, the Grand Wagoneer will be offered only with all wheel drive so this could be more of a premium model with a price ranging above that of the Grand Cherokee.

Finally, in addition to the new Jeep Grand Cherokee in 2016, the Chrysler Group plans to freshen up the Jeep Wrangler but the timing for that new model has not yet been announced. Considering that the rest of the recently announced plans end in 2017, we would expect that the Wrangler would receive its redesign somewhere around 2015. When the new Wrangler arrives, it will still be offered in two and four door variants with long and short wheelbase options.

By the time that all of these new/revamped models have hit Jeep dealerships around the country in 2016, the Trail Rated brand should have the most diverse collection of SUVs in the American market.

Source: Automobile Magazine
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