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We went to trade-in our Lexus for a new Lexus SUV yesterday. We had someone keep the kids and were intentionally going on the last day of the month.

We drove the 400h, the RX350, and the GX470. My wife orginally wanted a new Gs430.

My wife loved our GS400, she kept it six years. So she thought she wanted a new Lexus. The 400h was great but it didn't have the 5th gen NAV(at 50k you don't want last years technology). She liked the RX350 but they couldnt get one with Navigation and DVD right away. They had no GS430's, and she decided she hated the trunk anyways. But I was getting upset that each car we liked was missing something. Especially the most expensive GX470 loaded had no satellite radio.

When you are shopping a loaded Lexus 45k plus car, you don't want to hear about what they can add aftermarket. I have heard every excuse as to why the GX470 doesnt have Sat radio. We would have bought a year ago if it did.

So my wife, wanting to be practical settled for a RX350 without Nav or DVD. We sat in his office and began the paperwork and they took our GS400 back to evaluate.
The time was like 5:30 and all dealerships close at 6:00 here on Saturday.
THEN...dunh dunh duhhhh

The Lexus salesman said, I have a delivery to finish up with; I'll put together some numbers and call you on Monday" He shook my hand and walked off.

WTF(can I say that?)

So driving away in disbeleif we drove past the Dodge Jeep place. She said she wanted to see the inside of a Commander anyway. She asked me"Does it look like your old GC or more like a H2?" I told her more like the GC I think.

So she walks up to the guy and says I want to drive a Commander with everything, especially a HEMI. Now it is like 5:58 and she said politely that we would come back if they were closing. BTW we had the 2 week old with us now.

He got the keys and she drove it and loved it. She said but does it have Blue tooth? yes DVD? yes NAV? yes and for how much? He explained some inceitves and she looked and me and said "I want it"

"All" of the salesman and the GM and the finance guy stayed until we were finsihed. A rule I think.

So we finshed up at about 6:30 with them and had a brand new Commander, Black, Ltd.

Hurray for us!

She likes the way Jeep products drive more car like and do not roll and lumber along like yukon etc. She got sick in the back of an H2 also.

With all the advertising etc, Lexus/Toyaota spends close to a billion, I am sure, on getting people in the showrooms. I was a freaking return customer with check in hand and they let me leave. Hell he almost asked me to leave.
What a loser....and I kind of liked him.

Really though she chose the Commander as best fitting for her mission and style. She may have never seen it if the Lexus salesman was better at his job. Someone told me he needs to watch "King of Cars" which I haven't seen.

Another side note: Factually, in my universe, our Lexus stranded my wife 3 times under warranty(two from dead batteries/bad batteries) and once from stuck vvti. My 99 Grand Cherokee went 120k miles before I turned it in. I took it in once for the window sticking problem and once for some transmission recall. So, in my experience, the Lexus was the least reliable of our recent cars, but we did like it. It always stranded us at home.

Anyways, Hello.

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my wife really wanted a GX for the longest time...the second she saw a commander, there was never a question. i'm not a huge lexus it works out for me too.

welcome to the club

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2 Commanders! That's great.

Love our Commander. That is just poor business to hear about your experience.

We've been in dealerships late to close a deal, and I worked in dealerships a decade ago. I never let a customer walk away if they were going to buy a car, I was happy to make the sale and deliver the vehicle. So, I've been on both sides. You shouldn't have to apologize to spend money. You should be able to buy any car in 45-60 minutes start to finish, once price is established. I've done it that way, when I've sold, and when I've bought.
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