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Darn near 215,000. It is really running well at this point. I have had a death wobble once upon deceleration, with the old wheels. Not too worried about it since I will essentially replace everything next year.

Getting ready to change the Engine, T-Case, F/R Diff and Trans fluids + filters with Amsoil full synthetic, and Pentosin CHF power steering fluid. I use Wix filters. Thinking about putting a magnetic power steering fluid filter, since it is so critical. Doing the belt, water pump, tensioner, spark plugs, coils, and valve cover gaskets, too. Also installing a magnetic drain plug and getting an oil analysis on the engine. That will be it for this year.

Will do the brake fluid when I do the full brake job next year year, along with the full suspension rebuild, lift, UCA, lower ball joints, airbags. Still deciding on proactively changing the wheel bearings and half shafts at this time. Plan to put in the OME lift kit with Rocky Road trim leveler, JBA UCA, and airbags in the rear.
That's awesome @Sniperdoc;

Sounds like you'll get another 215,000 miles out of her with all of the maintenance & upgrades you're doing.
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