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Crazy electrical issues with your XK?

I heard in a conversation with a Chrysler wiring engineer that there were certain locations in the car where water got in contact with inline electrical connectors:


1.) if an electrical connector is classified as an interior connector it can be cheaper because it doesn't have to be watertight
2.) if its an exterior grade connector it must be outfitted with gaskets and plugs to give it a weather seal

What you typically see inside the cabin of the vehicle are unsealed connectors

The "grey" area is where you have big inline connectors inside the body pillars (a-pillar , b-pillar etc.) that are technically interior of the body. No need for gaskets and seals.

If someone messed up in their interpretation of this classification, and the inner pillars of the car actually encounter water when you are fording or when your sunroof drains plug up and water goes running down through the a-pillar - - you have the perfect scenario for a multi cavity body inline electrical connector to get shorted circuits and wierd operation.

I suspect that the location of these in line harness connectors is the culprit.

Has anyone taken apart a vehicle and likes for the inline connectors?
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