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I want to make sure that I don't screw up buying the wrong width rim with the wrong offset so i have a couple questions for anyone who knows.

If i've done my figuring right using this calculator ... size comparer&sw1=245&ar1=65&bd1=17&rw1=7.5&et1=44&sw2=255&ar2=75&bd2=17&rw2=7.5&et2=36&text1=&text2= ... i compared a stock rim with an 8 inch wide rim with a 35mm offset and it says it gives a 5.9 inch backspace compared to 6 inch for a stock rim.

Will a 255/75/17 fit without any major issues? Some inner liner reforming may need to happen, from me reading other posts, but I do not want to put spacers on it. I would like this rim if i can install it without problems ... PVD&showRear=no&autoMake=Jeep&autoModel=Commander&autoYear=2008&autoModClar=Base#viewOnVehicle

I have the OME HD lift with new JBA UCA's and new isolators, haven't had anything installed yet, I want to do everything at once.

Also, if need be, would the stock rims with 6 inch backspacing work?
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