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I mainly just have pictures of the sub and amp, I'll add pics of the floor when it's completely finished.

I was on a quest to mount my amp in the quarter panel, but it didn't fit, so I said "screw the seats!" and made a floor to house my amp (it also acts as small storage). The floor has a speaker terminal cup on it for easy sub removal, and the amp is viewable when the seat behind the driver is tumbled forward (the distribution block is behind the middle row seat and can't be seen. An later a nice little Hertz speaker amp will be behind the other seat!) All wires come out from under the rear quarter panel and go under the floor I made. Pics!


Skar VVX 12" sub
Massive audio N4 amp (great for the price!)
Knukonceptz wires (1/0 gauge, and Krystal Klear RCAs)
Audison fused Distribution Block
Home made box 2cubic feet @32hz coated in bed liner by Line-X
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