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Thought i fixed the “Service tire pressure system”

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So after combing through posts on here and doing a bunch of searching online i thought i came up with a solution for the service tire pressure system light.

i made a pressurized pvc pipe with a tpms sensor in it to take place of my spare tire. ( my commander did not come with one) i got the idea off here, but i could take and attach some pics tomorrow if anyone would like.

it worked for about a day or so. No lights. No codes. My one tire has a slow leak in it and got low enough to trigger the light on the dash and now the service tps light won’t go away. Even after filling up the tire and making the low pressure light go off.

Is there a reset i need to do or can anybody give me some insight on what to try ?
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It takes a while for the TPMS to reset, but I think you already knew that. Mine has taken overnight at times. Some say you have to drive 10 miles but I do not believe that. As faf as a reset - pull the negative battery cable off for about 15 minutes - that will reset just about everything in the Commander. You will need to change a lot of settings like radio etc.
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