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Transmission fluid filling increments.....

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Post Transmission fluid flush and fill:

When checking my NAG1 Transmission fluid level using Torque App for temperature and Millers tool for quantity, the Level presented is 55mm at 170 degrees Fahrenheit. The level should be at around 65mm as per the Service Guide. My question is as follows: How many Ounces of fluid is needed to bring up the Level 10mm (ie from 55mm to 65mm)??
Thanks in advance.
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When I filled ours I accidentally over filled so I drained some off, but I also installed a pan with a drain.

Also didn't use anything to test temperature, took a reading cold the again after 30 minutes of driving. Which should be about perfect temperature wise.

Honestly when I refilled I just put a little at a time to avoid overfilling it again.

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