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Transmission oil pan "bolts" broken?

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Hemi is in the shop for regular service (we have neither tools nor space to do the work ourselves) and needs a transmission oil filter change per the maintenance schedule. Our trusted guy refuses to touch the transmission at all, he's worried the "bolts" are or will become broken inside and if I understand right, he's worried he won't be able to get the oil pan back on. And the implication is we may need to replace the whole transmission case? (E.g. if we have to drill out the bolts and pooch the threads in the transmission case.)

Is my understanding right? We can't not change the filters but are we really looking at a new transmission case?
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I've changed the fluid and filters myself many times on both the 545RFE and 45RFE, never had a problem with bolts even seeming stuck let alone breaking any. It is a very messy job, there is no drain plug so you just loosen the pan and let it gush everywhere. I got a very big catch pan just for this. It's more likely someone will strip out the threads reinstalling the pan if not careful. the 545RFE (transmission on 5.7L Commanders) pan bolts are speced at 105 in/lbs torque (8.75 Ft/lbs) so just barely tight. Does this mechanic of yours have some previous knowledge of you car that they don't want to come to light?
A less messy way to change fluid and filters is to get a suction tank and suck the fluid out of the transmission dip stick hole. You can suck most of the fluid out and then drop the pan without making a huge mess. Works great.
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