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08 Commander 3.7
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I hate to dredge this up again, but here we go:

2008 Commander Sport, 3.7 Litre 6 cylinder, NAG1 transmission. 220,XXX miles.

Initially got the EVIC warning when towing, no codes, no CEL. Consistently get the warning now when driving under some sort of load (towing, going uphill and pushing the engine a little harder, etc). We can keep the warning off if we keep the transmission around 2,000 rpm or less. Trying to accelerate and running around 2500 rpm for some time and the EVIC warning will come back on. Have not had any starting issues, nor is it running in limp mode. I have checked the lines and the cooler and everything is clear.

Currently have the Jeep at the transmission shop, the owner is not able to find any issue with the exception of reading 1.2 volts at the temp sensor while at operating temp (which should correspond to roughly 70 Degrees F according to the NAG1 service manual).

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I'm not sure which tree to bark up here.... bad temp sensor, bad ECU/PCM/PCU, something else I'm not thinking of?

Thanks in advance for any input you may have.
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