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I swapped out my throttle body for a ported one (from Hummer Recovery Team) and figured I'd make a small write up on changing or removing the throttle body. The Jeep shown is a 2007 4.7 with a K&N intake.

Here's link to the thread Hummer Recover Team started about the throttle bodies he sells. I'm pretty sure he makes them for all three engines. As cheap as he sells them, I'd recommend one to everyone! Other people sell theirs for about twice the cost.

Things you'll need to change/remove your throttle body:
T25 screwdriver
Flat head screwdriver
8mm wrench
30-60 minutes

First, use the flat head screwdriver to loosen the hose clamps holding the K&N tube to the throttle body. After that, remove the cables from the throttle body. For the first one pictured, you'll have to use your thumb to open the throttle body while flipping the cable towards you and pushing the wire out of the slot.

For the other cable, slightly open the throttle again, then the round plastic piece will snap off if you pull it towards yourself. Here's a picture of it off so you can see how it slips off

Next, un-clip the sensors on the right side and pull off the hose on the top right

Now remove the three 8mm bolts holding the throttle body on and take the throttle body off. There is a bolt on the top right, top left, and bottle middle under where the hose attaches.

Once you have the throttle body off, use the T25 screwdriver to take the sensors off the stock throttle body. The bottom sensor was a pain to get out but after twisting and pulling for five minutes it popped out! It was a little easier to get in but still needed a good bit of pushing and twisting

Here's two pictures of the two throttle bodies next to each other (front then back). You can tell the new one by Hummer Recovery Team (left) was ported and has a bell curve in it to allow more air flow. It also looks super clean compared to mine! If I knew mine was that dirty I probably would have cleaned it by now ha (not important to do, I just like things clean!)

From there it's just a matter of putting everything back on the way you took it off! It took me about 45 minutes to do, but that's with distractions and whatnot.

So far I can tell it gives more sound and even a little more throttle response, but I'm more interested in seeing if I get any increase in MPG so I'll have to report back in about a week with any updates!

Hopefully this helps at least one person! Feel free to comment or ask questions!

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