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Hi all :)

I'm looking for a water pump for my 3.7 Ltr V6, 2007 Jeep Commander. I need to get one at a low price and import it to where I live (Dubai, UAE). The mechanic has given me a quote for 660 AED (180 dollars), but says that I might be able to get it cheaper online and supply it to him. This is common practice in the UAE, especially as the Commander is fairly rare over here.

I have had a look online for water pumps but I am a bit bewildered. I don't know which one to buy as there are so many that claim to be the right one.

Can anyone tell me which water pump to buy and where from, bearing in mind I have to order it to be sent to the UAE. I'm looking for a strong one, but one that doesn't break the bank.

FYI, it's leaking.

With many thanks guys!


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