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Okay. I will be attempting to replace my water pump on my 06, 4.7L sister recently put dex-cool into my radiator and not just some, but nearly half! I told her that commanders have to have HOAT but she said, "what is that? Coolant is all the same" lol help her soul!! By the time I got around to the front, where she was at, she was already pouring it in..3 days, ago, AND NOT EVEN 2 weeks from this dex-cool exposure, I was on the interstate and it started to make a "clinking and clanking" noise..then, it started to smoke from underneath the hood..I shut it off immediately and haven't started it again..but I noticed that the temp gage never went above half mark, the whole time?? Bad thermostat, perhaps?? Water was leaking very heavily on the tow truck next questions are...given the coolant situation my jeep endured from my sister, could that cause the water pump to fail, all on it's own? It hasn't been mentioned yet, when I look into what causes it to fail but I didn't know if anyone would know what problems I might continue to face from this? I plan on flushing it, of course, but is there anything else I should anticipate? Aside from the water pump and a good flush with CORRECT coolant, should I specifically look for anything or just wait to see if any issues come up after I get the water pump in? Would the wrong coolant cause any head gasket problems? This happened 3 days ago and I would've already started on the replacement but I've been trying to make sure that this fix won't be a waste..perhaps there is a blown head gasket or, even worse! I need the truth, regardless of good or bad! Thank you for any comments and/or advice, upfront! I need to feel, "not so alone" 馃槖

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The wrong coolant isn't good but do not think it would blow the water pump or cause any extreme damage. Probably a coincidence. You plan to do the right thing with flush and new HOAT.

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I have read the HOAT can create its own "sliming" issues from other Jeep forums. So coincidence is where i would land.
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