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Hey everyone, don't know if this falls under another category, sorry!

I've purchased a Webasto diesel-heater and installed it to my Commander, just because I have no ordinary warmer (230v) in it and the temp don't go as high as I want while city-driving, we have cold winters in Sweden :)

Now to my problem, it's installed as in any other car, cut the hose to the heatercore in the car, and attached the heater in serie, hope you understand?
The heater runs fine when the car is running, but the heater overheats in about 2 minutes when the car is off.
I think this is because I don't have a good cirkulation, the waterpump to the heater sounds like its a little... under much load.

Do you guys know if theres some sort of valve somewhere in, or around, the heatercore(?) in the car, that stops the flow of the water when the engine is not running?
Or do you have any other suggestions?

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