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these may or may not all be related. just kinda looking for someone who has experienced a few of these gremlins and may be able to point me in the right direction

auto headlights do not function
power mirrors do not function
power locks do not function using drivers door switch (auto lock/unlock when driving and from key work as intended)
3 out of 4 windows do not operate driver front, passenger front, passenger rear, however driver rear works fine.
it would seem theres an issue with information not getting from the switch to the electronics in questions.
replaced switches no change
checked hinge wiring and fixed several breaks in drivers door no change
checked fuse under kick panel it's good.

another odd issue I have is the upper interior lights appear to have a shorting issue, possibly related, possibly not. they only work when manually pressed starting with driver front. however the more I turn on the dimmer they get like there isn't enough electrical flow to power them when there is more then 1 clicked on.

so where do I start?

I've tested all window motors with jumpers and a battery, all roll up/down smoothly when I bypass the switch.
all switches illuminate showing the receive power, however only drivers rear window rolls down from master switch.

the vehicle is from Washington state (lots of heavy rain and moisture) it was totaled years back and parked for a time. it suffered a good deal of water damage inside the dash board due to clogged sunroof drains and a destroyed sunroof weather seal. (factory navigation was rusted inside)

so i'm thinking my next place to check would be where all the wiring harnesses plug in at, is there a connector somewhere under the dash i'm not seeing that all these door harnesses plug into? perhaps water damaged, or bad connections. just looking for some educated guidance as I bring this girl back to top shape.

06 commander limited
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