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I have an '06 Jeep Commander V8 5.7L

I've been having an issue where after reversing out of a parking space or driveway, and shift back into drive, the engine bogs down, the audio/electrical cuts out, and 'service parking assist system' displays. The problem increases if I'm turning at the same time, or shifting in between the two gears frequently to turn out of a tight spot. Sometimes, when this issue arises the high beams come on, and stay on (even after shutting off the vehicle) the horn will randomly sound, and my blinkers don't work as well as my regular lights and fog lights. If I shut the jeep off and let it sit for about half hour, and turn it back on the problem is normally gone.

I haven't taken it in yet because I can't afford diagnostic test right now and I have a feeling it will be a very expensive fix.

I'm hoping someone will have an idea as to what this could be or if anyone has had similar issues. I tried looking through the forums and haven't seen an issue related to mine as far as the high beams coming on with no working turn signals and sounding horn.

Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated! I need help!
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