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A/C ran cold until the switch shorted out, on the refrigerant line. The radiator fan would then run at full speed all the time regardless of engine temp. I replaced the sensor. The radiator fan is back to normal. But the AC will not engage!

Pressures are fine (unless 100psi is bad) and there are no leaks in the system. Compressor was installed 4 months ago.

What else controls sending the signal to the ac clitch? Engine coolant sensor, transmission fluid temperature? I have no DTC's and I dont suppose anyone on these forums knows if you can rent a snap on computer or equivalent to read the module specifc codes

If no help, its fine I guess. Next week is forcast to be below freezing so i guess im alrigh

Also can you short the ac clutch terminal like on older cars? Granted everything else in the system is fine.
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