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I've been searching for Soft 8 style wheels in chrome, but can only find steel wheels like these Cragars. I like them, but my tire guy insists steelies will rust and suggests polished aluminum (like these Ions). But I really want to stick with chrome and the only soft 8s in chrome alum alloy I can find are these and these which I absolutely love but appear to be discontinued.

Has anyone had steel wheels for 5+ years and what was your experience with rust? (putting aside differences of steel vs alum alloy like weight, flexibility, ease of cleaning, etc). If I treat them well (assume no dings from rocks) can I reasonably get 10 rust-free years out of them?

Also if anyone knows of chrome alloy soft 8s being produced please share.

I should add that my XK is 50% daily driver and 50% road trips towing a camper. I expect future offroading if any to be be mild. I live near Seattle where conditions are wet, but I understand they don't salt the roads like in NJ where I used to live. XK is garaged when not driven.
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