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Hiya allz

Well, simple question (or not for me)

I need 4 new shocks under my commander.
And like i am always in the bush for some reasons, i need something strong.
But my 2007 is turning 240 000 clic soon and i am not feeling like getting an Old Man Emu kit. (But maybe... still debating that with the husband... meh)
Anyway... i was looking for something a lil bit cheaper, but still strong.

Which shocks can i get?!
I totally reffuse to go with Monroe. The one under my jeep right now are Monroes and they only have 1 and a half year and that kind of drive me crazy to change them again.
So.. i saw these one :
- Skyjacker (but only rear?! )
- Pro comp (but only rear too?!)
- Blistein (i had some on my old Honda and i wasnt really impressed.. but that was when my car was lowering, not with a jacker truck)
- Old man Emu (but too expensive at the mind of my husband)

My Jeep have a 2inch-ish lift and run with 33'' tires.
Like i said im always in the bush, so i need something that can last more then a year...

Oh yeah and why do i only fidn rear shocks?! (Old man emu i only find the front one... bleh)

Anyway.. thank for the answer! :SM030:
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