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Hi Folks, :5:

I´m from Grünstadt (meens greentown). Its in germany between Mannheim/Heidelberg and Kaiserslautern (Airbase Ramstein). I´m an active member on the german jeep-forum ( and chrsyler-forum ( and

As long as I can remember I wanted an american V8. I started within a V6 as a chrysler sebring (after a lot of german vehicles and a couple of years on different bikes). After that I had four marvelously years on my 300 C Hemi Touring. But since I need six places and still love my HEMI, I´m looking for a commander.

So here I am. The 09 Commander HEMI Overland is already ordered. I really hope to get one. For the Moment within the situation on chrysler (also in germany) nothing is for sure...........

So god will, I get a new Commander 5,7 HEMI (new engine), with 20 HP more (Kraftwerk-tuning) and no speed-limiter. So I can get faster than the official 130 mph with those the commander is limited in europe. :clap: :icon_aetsch:
Colour would be black. Tires 22" with 265/35 Hankoock. MyGiG with Lockpick and a lot of other stuff. Pictures will follow- If I would ever get it.

According to my dealer there will be some 09 HEMI in spring 2009. So hopefully one of them its mine. For the moment there are so much 07 and 08 HEMI left that they wont let the 09 models on the market.
Thats the official reason. Unofficially it would be the financial situation of chrysler............

Is there anybody out there who knew something more about the delivering situation of the 09 HEMI in germany ?
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