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So I am getting new line for my winch and wanted to gauge who is using what out there.

I would like color options, mostly to go with my Blue scheme.

I am tracking:
Warn brand (Spydura (similar to Dyneema) in Grey)
Mile Marker (Dyneema Black and Orange)
Viking (Dyneema Black and Grey)
Tuff Stuff (Dyneema branded in blue)
Ebay Dyneema types (Colors)

92 feet of 1/2inch cord
92 feet of 3/8inch cord
100+feet of 3/8inch cord

Built in clevis hitch
built on 10foot slide abrasion blocker

So I am really dumb on what I need to be smart on. Things I have learned on this site, after reading the forums, is that I need to have a cord that can handle a minimum of 9000lbs. I have a Mile Marker Si12000 winch that will be pulling, so pull power is adequate. I currently have a steel cable installed, but that is the original and does not look pretty, along with the previous owner not being able to tell me if he ever unspoiled it to conduct maintenance on the wire (so not even going to bother and just replace).

Ready to receive knowledge!

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