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My truck is about 60K miles and I occasionally discovered that it emits some black smoke on acceleration (mine engine is CRD 3.0) and sometimes on idle. I decided to clean the fuel and air intake systems with Wynn's chemicals, namely Dieslel EGR 3 (for air intake system, egr and turbo) and Diesel Power 3 for injectors. First, I've added one can of DP3 to the fuel tank. I've been stunned by the new quality of engine's work. It was like a miracle, it seemed that torque rose at least twice: i've been driving @90km/h while engine rpm was just 1800. Usually it is 200-300 rpm higher and takes 2 seconds more than now to reach the speed.

Next, I started to clean the air intakes. Some of you probably know that EGR valve at the CRD 3.0 is as hard to pull out as a ... well, you know. So, I just disconnected the air intake manifold and started to spray the aerosol directly into the turbocharger. Rpm start to flow, but I spent a half can of EGR 3. The smell of exhaust gases has changed dramatically. During the procedure I've made a mistake and added too much fluid, fuel detonated and engine started to knock for a seconds. But it was only once.

I've been doing the procedure for the first time and it took ~30 minutes almost with no instruments, all I utilized is a screwdriver and a 8M wrench. And now I have a clean diesel engine, no black smoke, a rocket thrust; even my wife, who's very far from the "iron stuff" noted that truck has changed its behavior.

I don't know is if for good or for bad, and what was the cost of the "new feelings" but *now* I'm very happy with the effects I've gained. I'd recommend to all CRD owners to perform the procedure, so later we could replace our engines all together :))
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