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XK 4.7L headers

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Seriously...does anyone make them for our engine? I search and search and all I find is listings that say headers and exhaust but all options on headers are null an void.

I have an exhaust leak at my manifolds and rather then spend 200 every 12-20k id rather just replace the entire manifold with a header and hope that fixes the issue.
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These are about the only ones I could find when i was lookin' around a bit ago. Never followed up for specific fitment, but after selecting '06 Commander 4.7 and searching on "header" this is one of the few places that actually lists any parts - it even says "Tight Tuck Header for Mopar Small Block Engine" which gives me hope...
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looks like these guys might have info - just an assumption based on the assortment of parts.
yeah im not sure...ill have to call and ask...though i found my leak issue...the collectoer flange bolts came off...
I replaced the manifold on a 460 engine with headers and had to retorque them several times. Headers can be a pain sometimes especially if the bolts are hard to get to to retighten. I did use blue thread locker and they still needed to be retightened. The 460 truck engine is known for warping manifolds especially after climbing a long grade and then cooling quickly going downhill, but the headers were even more of a pain to keep tight. Just a comment that headers might not always require less maintenance than the heavier stock cast exhaust manifold.
yeah im not sure...ill have to call and ask...though i found my leak issue...the collectoer flange bolts came off...
Yeah I had 2 broken bolts on mine last year replaced, the dealer said it was something they'd seen before.
I never actually got them but you can't look for Jeep, you have to look for Dodge. The Throttle Body spacer is for a Dodge 4.7L and there were a few headers I found (BBK was one I think). Not sure how differently they would fit but would probably work
Same issue here with my 06 Commander (V8 4.7l), manifold leak, repaired twice already and this time it looks like a rear bolts failure. Anyways been looking to fix the problem permanently this time and to gain some power at the same time. Never found aftermarket headers for the Commander 4.7l.

I've just contacted Gibson and asked them for a combo, headers and exhaust line..I'll keep you posted, hopefully I'll get a positive response.
Sounds like this is a common problem with our trucks, I have to have the same thing done now.
" Gibson Answer "


I have a stainless catback exhaust available but no headers for this one. Not sure if the 4.7 Dodge ones would fit. If you are interested in this system, it sells for $546.81. Let me know if you have any o0ther questions

800-528-3044 x112
2007 Jeep Commander Exhaust manifold part #'s R.s. 53013598AB
L.S. 53013599AB

2007 Dodge Dakota Exhaust manifold part #'s R.s. 53032418AC
L.S. 53032613AA

Durango, Ram all different part #'s for same engine...although summit racing has the durango and dakota listed as compatible when looking up headers for the 4.7L
To remove them is pretty easy. passenger side, remove the overflow, intake pluming, and splash guard, then you have full access. driverside, remove purge solenoid and evap lines, then splash guard then access will be granted. pretty straight forward, I figured you'd have to slightly lift the engine, but not so. If I was going to do it I'd grab a set of ARP hardware too.
did some more research...2004-2007 Dakota non-H.O. 4.7L Has the same years Cylinder head part #'s as our Commander's-
Right bank- 53020798AB
Left Bank- 53020797AC
So, the headers found on these years truck's would bolt up to our Jeep's barring there's no clearance issues...Even so, a good fab shop could cut and reweld the necessary tubes to fit on the Driver side(Dakota engine bays are just as tight as ours). The passenger side has gobs of room, the only mod I could foresee needed would be the stock exhaust collector may need lengthened/shortened.

This is a step by step install guide w/pics straight from gibson/summit
we should be able to compare our bays to the dakota's now for a conclusion.
So, it has been about a year an no new postings on this thread...

Has anyone actually installed Dakota headers on a Commander with the 4.7?

I really want to do it to mine, but I would love to see someone's that has already done it.

I would like to see what, if anything, has to be done to the drivers side...
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Very interested in this idea, I just installed two new cats and a new muffler on mine, considering headers and some other mods....
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