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I am aware of three options:

Crawl Offroad - 6" Modified Superlift $2,700 ($3,650 with optional Icon coilovers)

JeepinByAl - Upgrade Superlift Kit 6" coilover $4,515 (need 4" Superlift already on vehicle so ~$6,515 total)

Homebrew 6" Frankenlift ~$2,000 Superlift with additional parts separately $???.

Are there any others?

My questions are, what's everyone with 6" kits running? I am leaning towards the Crawl Offroad kit right now as I can't justify the expense of the JBA kit although I do know his stuff is quality. On the Crawl Offroad kit is it worth the Extra $1,000 for the Icon coilovers? Lastly, I'd like to do it right, is a Homebrew Frankenlift feasible/reliable/doable/safe/recommended? All comments appreciated!
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