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The XKPearl has started off as a 4.7L V8 w/ NV245, Off Road, Hulk Wheels, and Tow Package. 8-Photos in the Stip Bucket:

- Factory Stock Trim photo shows that my XK had pretty good clearance out of the box.
- Front end high and square w/ Rusty's installed even w/ stock 245s.
- Huge lunch tray dash is the best I've seen w/ air bags.
- The clean lines of my roof rack mounts.
- Huge bottom skid clearance w/ Rusty's installed and stock only 245s.
- Great rocker clearance (all tucked up tight and clean).
- Superb front skid clearance.
- Overall profile of my rig w/ rack.

I'll be installing 32"x10.5"x17"s which will add an additional 1.25" clearance to the overall package.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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